Everything gives its best only if it is used in proper way. Improper usage can affect the performance. Vacuum cleaner should be used just for domestic or household objective. It is risky to use on living organisms as it can be dangerous.

Many people have handheld vacuum cleaner at their home but they do not use it regularly because they think it would take extra time. Some people have had a very bad experience with devices like this due to which they start to consider them a waste of money when it is not.

If you are not getting desired results from your vacuum cleaner then it probably means that you do not know how to use it properly to gain best results.Machine doesn’t work accurately if it is not use as per manufacturer guidelines. Hand held vacuum cleaner is very easy to use; just some precaution is necessary like clean the bag of vacuum immediately after it gets full. Also place it at appropriate height while cleaning.To enhance life of product and get maximum benefits, it is very necessary to read its guide book and use it accordingly.

Procedure For Using Handy Vacuum Cleaner:

Using a vacuum cleaner does not require any rocket science. There are just a few common things you need to take care of while using this device. Following are some very simple steps to use handheld vacuum cleaner for cleaning.

Step 1:

Identify or specify the area where the spillage is made or the place that need to be cleaned out.

Step 2:

Now check the charging of device, if it is partially charged then first completes its charging to avoid inconvenience during the cleaning process. If the device is fully chargedthen bring it to the site for cleaning. It is very easy to take handheld device to the location.

Step 3:

Place the vacuum at the top of the dirt or spills.  It position should be accurate, keep it right on the spot you want to clean, neither too far nor too near. For best results, keep it at proper height from the carpet or the floor, otherwise it will not suck the dirt properly.

Step 4:

Now turn on the device button and move the device in to and fro motion over the place slowly. In very less time you will see that all the dirt and spillage is sucked by the device. Handheld devices will remove all smaller particles easily and it saves time as well. Don’t move it quickly because its performance is reduced when moved fast as it will not be able to pick all particles.

Step 5:

Turn the device off after finishing work. Now remove its bin and empty it by throwing all the garbage in dustbin, if necessary wash it and then adjust it back. It is good to empty it on time because in emergency situation you can easily use the vacuum. If bag is full it will not suck properly.

Step 6:

Now plug in the switch for charging. Remove it from charging after the battery gets full and keep it on proper and safe place.

It is not difficult to use handheld vacuum cleaner, with little knowledge everyone can use it. It has become need of all houses because its use is simple and easy.