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Although, upright vacuum cleaners are capable of handling the majority of the home tasks but employing a handheld vacuum is often needed to fill in the gaps. Dyson DC58 vacuum cleaner is a terrific handheld vacuum cleaner which ishighly compact and very small in size thus enabling you to easily carry it to small portions and hard to reach places in car interiors, upholstered furniture and stair risers. Due to having compact size, this device provides better cleaning. It incorporates high voltage motor and as a result, it provides intense sucking power. Hence, it is extremely ideal for cleaning pet hair, up spills and various small messes in your house and car.

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Features and Specifications:

Following is the discussion related to various features employed by Dyson DC58 vacuum cleaner.

Enhanced Suction Power: Dyson DC58 vacuum cleaner possesses extremely enhanced suction power and it has three times more sucking power as compared to typical handheld vacuum cleaners. As a result, it provides you better cleaning in much shorter time.

Better and More Efficient Motor: Dyson DC58 is powered by Dyson V6 digital motor which is three times faster than the ones employed by most of the ordinary vacuum cleaners. Due to faster motor, this device provides tremendous cleaning in very short time and you can save a lot of time and labor by employing this top selling vacuum cleaner.

Two Tier Radical Cyclones: Dyson DC58 vacuum cleaner has 15 cyclones which are arranged in two different tiers and work in parallel thus increasing the airflow and the capability to collect fine dust. As a result, this vacuum cleaner is very handy in getting rid of difficult to clean stains thus providing you much enhanced cleaning.

User Friendly Design: This device has good quality user friendly design which enables the vacuum cleaner to get fit into the hand very easily and perfectly. It is designed in such a way that the center of gravity is situated towards the grip which makes it extremely convenient to handle and operate this device. Because of such a fantastic design, you enjoy the cleaning work without having much strain on your muscles.

Pros and Cons:


  • Three times more suction power as compared to ordinary handheld vacuum cleaners
  • Two tier radical cyclones to provide enhanced cleaning
  • Easy to carry and operate
  • Highly efficient for in car cleaning
  • More speedy and good quality Dyson digital motor


  • Sometimes stops working unexpectedly when employed for long time
  • Spare battery and extra attachments are not provided

What customers say about it?

Dyson DC58 vacuum cleaner is really terrific in terms of providing user satisfaction and if you seek the opinion of its users, you’ll get highly favorable comments. It has feedback score of 4.5 out of 5. As a result, you shouldn’t have any doubt in the capabilities of this machine.

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Dyson DC58 is a high quality, reliable and terrific vacuum cleaner, therefore I would not hesitate a little in strongly recommending this equipment. In short, it is really a good quality product, just go for it.