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Though, there are a large number of companies offering handheld vacuum cleaners, yet not all of them are worth buying. It is very important to check the features and customer reviews of a product before buying it. Which handheld vacuum cleaner is best suited for you depends upon how you are going to use it. Means do you want to useit mainly to collect hair or you want to employ it to clean your car? Whatever the task you want your vacuum cleaner to perform, the device must be capable of picking up debris from multiple surfaces very quickly. LiNX Cordless handheld vacuum cleaner is such equipment you can rely upon while cleaning your house or car.

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Features and Specifications:

Here is the list of specifications and features incorporated by LiNX handheld vacuum cleaner.

Remove Pet Hair Conveniently: LiNX handheld vacuum cleaner doesn’t employ any cord and it is highly efficient in removing stubborn pet hair. It employs pet upholstery tool which has three blades designed for picking up the pet hair with high degree of efficiency and accuracy. It picks pet hair really well thus you need not to worry about your children eating pet hair anymore, because this terrific device will collect all the hair thus keeping your children safe and healthy.

Good Quality Battery: This handheld vacuum cleaner comes with Lithium-Ion battery providing consistent fade free power thus providing you consistent and reliable cleaning every time this device is employed to work.

Easy to Maneuver: LiNX Cordless handheld vacuum cleaner incorporates 25 degree pivot design nozzle which provides you enhanced maneuverability. As a result, it becomes very easy for you to clean difficult to reach areas especially under the furniture or within your car.

Terrific Cleaning of Delicate Surfaces: This vacuum cleaner has highly efficient deluxe dusting brush which works really well in cleaning delicate surfaces thus making the cleaning of such surfaces really convenient and easy for you with minimal effort and time.

Two Year Warranty: LiNX Cordless handheld vacuum cleaner has two year limited warranty on charger, battery and vacuum. Due to this two year warranty, users can easily trust the quality and reliability of this vacuum cleaner at the time of buying this equipment.

Pros and Cons:


  • Removes stubborn pet hair very efficiently
  • Incorporates interchangeable battery
  • tool with for efficient pet hair picking
  • Deluxe dusting brush to effectively clean delicate surfaces


  • Brush doesn’t rotates when it touches the surface and stops picking up hair at the time of touching the surface
  • Suction decreases with the passage of time and after being used for some time

What customers say about it?

It’s an awesome product and it receives positive comments from its users. It has a total feedback score of 4.4 out of 5 which proves that this equipment lies in the category of extremely successful and highly appreciated products.

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Now it’s time to give my final recommendation about LiNX Cordless handheld vacuum cleaner. I would like to recommend this vacuum cleaner for cleaning your house or car. Purchase this terrific cordless handheld vacuum cleaner and enjoy fantastic cleaning.