Makita DCL500Z 18V Canister Vacuum Bare Tool big4


Makita DCL500Z vacuum bare tool incorporates an efficient air pump for collecting dirt from various surfaces but mostly it is employed for cleaning floors. It is being used in houses as well as inside cars. It has the capability to handle reasonable amount of dust before requiring to be emptied. It is really well suited for the removal of difficult to clean spots.

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Features and Specifications:

Following is the list of various features and specifications incorporated by Makita DCL500Z vacuum bare tool.

Powerful Suction: Makita DCL500Z vacuum bare tool provides very long lasting and extremely powerful suction which allows you to have tremendous cleaning with high degree of ease in much short time thus providing you a lot of comfort and saving reasonable amount of your time.

Highly Efficient and Powerful Motor: This vacuum bare tool has terrific powerful motor which provides 46 CFM of suction power and 2.5 inches of water lift. As a result, very minimal human labor required in cleaning when using this tool, and you can get terrific cleaning without having much stress on your muscles or back bone.

Work for Long Time after Single Recharge: Makita DCL500Z vacuum bare tool is capable of working nonstop for 30 minutes after every recharge. Therefore, you can clean very large area after recharging the device once without any interruption and hurdle.

Tremendous Filtration System: This equipment has terrific filtration system along with cyclonic separation which makes it possible for the motor to keep running at ideal speed thus providing you continuous and optimum performance. This results in consistent high quality cleaning every time this tool is employed.

Compact Design: Makita DCL500Z vacuum bare tool incorporates extremely compact design and this elegant tool is just 13-7/8 inches long. The compact design makes the cleaning process fairly easy because it’s very convenient to handle and operate this tool and employing this tool requires very little human labor.

Long Battery Life: This vacuum bare tool comes with tremendous battery which has very long life and provides extra ordinary performance. As a result, your maintenance cost for this tool gets significantly reduced and the cleaning process becomes cheaper.

Pros and Cons:


  • Provides powerful suction
  • Long term consistent performance
  • 30 minutes continuous working after every recharge
  • High quality filtration system with cyclonic separation to get optimum motor performance
  • Compact design with 13-7/8 inches length
  • Extremely easy to move around


  • Expensive as compared to various vacuum cleaners available in the market
  • Not too many user feedbacks or reviews available thus making it very difficult to have a proper idea regarding its performance before actually buying it

What customers say about it?

Makita DCL500Z vacuum bare tool lies in the category of extremely successful products. It is highly praised by majority of its users. It has feedback score of 4.7 out of 5 and on the basis of such a terrific feedback score, it can be safely said that this equipment provides almost hundred percent users satisfaction.

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I’ll strongly recommend buying this vacuum bare tool. Several people have purchased this terrific machine and they are highly satisfied with what they have. So, just take advantage of other people’s experience and go for this device.